Five New IOS 14 Features You Will Enjoy

iOS 14 has focused on expanding the functionality of the iPhone. One of the main innovations in iOS 14 was widgets and a new screen on the iPhone desktop, in which applications are automatically grouped into folders. In this case, the folders are filled as new programs are installed. Widgets can be placed next to application icons, they take up at least 4 spaces.

Also, Apple has finally added Picture-in-Picture mode in iOS 14. Siri has also undergone changes, which not only became smarter but also learned to respond to user requests in the form of notifications.

In addition to the new home screen and Siri, the iPhone with iOS 14 has a full-fledged offline translator that supports 11 languages, a new application “Messages”, “Maps”, and many security and performance improvements. IOS 14 was released on September 16, 2020. In this article, I will show you the 5 innovations in iOS 14.

1. New home screen with widgets

The iPhone home screen looks very different on iOS 14 and offers a lot more customization options. The main screen now has support for full-fledged custom widgets.

IOS 14 app widgets can be placed right between app icons on the iPhone home screen. The widgets are updated in real-time, provide users with information depending on the application.

App widgets can stretch to fit the full width of the iPhone home screen. At the same time, several widgets can be placed on one page of the iPhone desktop, including one below the other. Widgets in iOS 14 can be added from the widgets page or the icon management menu on the home screen.

2. Picture-in-picture function

In iOS 14, Apple added Picture-in-Picture functionality. The option allows you to watch the video over any running applications. To transfer the video to a new mode, you must press a special button, which is located in a standard video player.

3. New application “Translator”

Apple has added a new Translator app on iOS 14. The application allows you to translate text (including voice dialing) between 11 languages. The new translator in iOS 14 supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and German.

The application is capable of working in portrait mode for more convenient interaction for two users. This allows users to perform fast translations for easier communication.

4. Updated Siri interface

Siri has received a major update on iOS 14. Siri no longer fills the entire iPhone screen when you call. The voice assistant is shown as a small icon at the bottom of the display. Siri was able to quickly respond to user requests without opening a separate page.

Also, Siri in iOS 14 allows you to reply to messages by sending voice messages. Furthermore, Apple said that Siri Quick Actions will work with the Reminders app.

5. New App Library screen

In addition to adding widgets to the iOS 14 home screen, Apple has implemented a special application page on the start screen called App Library. This page properly collects all installed applications on the iPhone. Apps are organized by type and category for quick search. Furthermore, the App Library page allows you to directly search for applications.

Also, iOS 14 added the ability to quickly remove pages with applications from the home screen. To do this, you need to uncheck unnecessary pages, after which they will no longer be displayed on the main screen. However, all applications can be found from the App Library page.

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