Dropbox Family Plan!

The team at the popular cloud service Dropbox has announced a major feature update. The company also offered a Dropbox new family plan. It provides 2 TB of cloud storage and allows you to connect 6 accounts at once.

In fact, this is a Plus plan for multiple users. Sending files up to 2 GB in size are supported, as well as a file safe and a password manager. The main difference from other plans is a shared folder available to all family members (also, each user can store personal files under his account: they will not be available to other members).

The Dropbox new family plan will cost $ 19.99 per month, if you pay for a subscription immediately for a year, the price is reduced to $ 16.99. Pricing starts at $ 203.88 per year for 2 TB of cloud space with the ability to connect up to six users. That’s double the price of Google One’s 2TB plan, which costs $ 99.99 per year. You can compare all available options and change the tariff on Dropbox official website.

New Dropbox Features

The Dropbox team announced several new features that will be rolled out at different stages. These developments are focused on security, better file management, and new options to adapt to the needs of users.

There is a section called Vault, which is PIN protected. It can store especially important personal files and documents, as well as give access to it to selected friends and relatives.

Another innovation is the new App Center for integration with third-party services like Slack and Zoom.

A new service was also introduced to make an automatic backup of your team’s folders in Dropbox. For example, you could configure Dropbox to automatically make a copy of the Pictures or Documents folders on your PC.

It will not be necessary to move the files to dedicated folders to synchronize with your Dropbox account, now you can select entire folders to make a backup. On the other hand, they also announced Dropbox Family, a system that follows the same style as Google One, allowing a family group (up to 6 members) to use the service under the same payment account. They will be able to assign sections for shared files, photos, and documents. And of course, a private section for each member.

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