Great News! Sony PS4 to Stream from the Playstation 5

Sony has quietly added a new remote play feature to the PlayStation 4 that lets gamers play PlayStation 5 games through their old console.

According to a recent report from VGC, PlayStation 4 players will have the ability to stream PlayStation 5 games via remote play. The “PS5 Remote Play ” app would appear this morning in the PS4 system menu, allowing users to remotely connect to a PS5. At the moment it is not clear what the new application will allow us to do. But it would appear that players will be able to play next-generation content on their console simply using the DualShock 4. Feature not allowed on PlayStation 5, as the previous PlayStation 4 controller can be used only with current-gen titles.

To connect PS4 to Sony’s next-gen console, players will need to enable the appropriate remote play function from the PS5 system menu, only then will it be possible to pair the two devices via Wi-Fi or after entering the code available on the screen of the TV. Upon launching the app, the message ” Use this PS4 to connect and control your PS5 ” will be displayed, along with the ” Find your PS5 ” option. The menu contains three different settings related to the supported resolution, to best suit the available connection speed: 540p, 720p, and 1080p. Most likely the “ PS5 Remote Play ” Will soon be available on PC and mobile devices.

Waiting to get your hands on the new generation console of the Japanese giant and discover the outcome of the Be The First contest,  PlayStation 5  will be available for purchase in the USA starting next November 19, 2020. The console will be available with the disc player at the price of $499 (PS5 “standard”) and in Digital Edition for $ 399.   

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