How to Choose a Nex Gen Console

A game console or console is a kind of computer designed for gaming. It consists of a system unit connected to the TV and one or more controllers for game manipulations.

The home game console offers excellent graphics quality, convenience, a wide selection of solo and multiplayer games, as well as various entertainment: movies, programs, music – one game console replaces an entire multimedia center.

But how to choose a next-gen game console and which is better – Xbox or PlayStation? Maybe a Nintendo Switch? Should you go next-gen or stick with something cheaper old era? What console is needed so that both adults and children can play it? The choice in stores is very extensive.

It is impossible to answer the question of which is better. Because each device has its advantages. So below I will guide you on how to choose a next-gen game console. 

Game console Xbox One S

The Xbox One S game console is more than a game console that delivers stunning display quality, smooth gameplay, and fast game loading. It is a multimedia entertainment center for the whole family.

Xbox One allows you to not only play games but also listen to music, watch movies, watch TV broadcasts, chat on Skype, play sports using the program for personal training, etc.

With the Xbox One S, you can pause the game and then return to the game where you left off, or continue the game without interruption from your Windows 10 tablet or laptop from anywhere in your home with a Wi-Fi connection …

The Xbox One S game console with the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller not only improves agility, accuracy, and comfort while playing. But also allows you to control the set-top box and TV using voice commands and gestures. It also allows you to instantly share your victories and achievements in the Xbox Live community and quickly access your frequently used apps and games from the Start screen.

Xbox Series S game console

The Xbox Series S is designed to be the most affordable next-generation console and play the latest games at 1440p at 60 frames per second.

The Xbox Series S is the world’s top choice for the gamer with fast downloads, more realistic graphics, and Xbox Game Pass (sold separately).

Conveniently, all games save, and backups are stored in the cloud, where you can create your game library. Quick Resume allows you to easily switch between multiple games and instantly resume where you left off.

The textured surface of the triggers and bumpers of the controller allows for a firm grip, preventing slipping, and the updated hybrid cross design allows you to confidently handle the most difficult combinations. Xbox Series S is compatible with Xbox One gaming accessories for faster response times than ever before.

Xbox Series X game console

The most powerful and fastest console from the Xbox. It easily processes a large amount of information without playback delays and allows you to download games almost instantly. The new Quick Resume feature allows you to launch multiple games at once and switch between them at any time.

The Xbox Series X has been oversized to provide an excellent cooling system to prevent overheating. The console is made in the form of a rectangular block with an open ventilation system. This shape allows the attachment to be installed both horizontally and vertically, without interfering with the flow of fresh air.

The increase in the size of the case allowed for uniform adjustment of the cooling process, improving the width of the fan blades, rather than its rotation speed. Therefore, any sounds distracting from the work of the set-top box are reduced to a minimum.

The improved new generation wireless controller is smaller in size and has a convenient share button on its body that facilitates the process of sharing content with friends.

Fans of games on discs will be able to continue using their favorite media because the Xbox Series X version is equipped with a disc drive. And all Xbox games are free to play on any console of the manufacturer thanks to backward compatibility.

PlayStation PS4 game console

PlayStation 4 has incredibly realistic graphics that you can enjoy playing alone or as a team. PlayStation 4 automatically updates games in the background and provides the option to launch them at boot time. The game console allows you to pause the game at any time, and after a while start it from the place where you left off. While the PlayStation 4 is paused, it will download the necessary updates or new games, and also charge the controllers so that after the pause you can immediately start playing.

On PlayStation 4, you can instantly switch between games and applications – press the PS key on your controller and view player ratings or read messages from friends. You can quickly reply to a message by typing using a controller or from your smartphone if the PlayStation App is installed. By the way, this mobile application will not only allow you to communicate with other players but also remotely download applications and games to the console.

PlayStation 4 opens up the world of team games, where you can find not only loyal companions with whom to share games but also worthy opponents.

For the most daring, PlayStation 4 provides the option to stream the game live, or you can upload the best moments or reviews to Youtube with the Sharefactory app.

PlayStation 5 game console

The PlayStation 5 is the largest game console in history. It differs significantly from the others in its shape and size. But despite its bizarre shape, the PlayStation 5 works both vertically and horizontally. It boasts lightning-fast boot speeds thanks to super-fast SSD storage, while responsive release buttons and tactile feedback provide gamers with a more immersive gaming experience.

PlayStation 5 not only excels with next-generation games but also supports 99% of previous-generation games.

The Sony DualSense Wireless Controller has a smoother design that is easier to grip and fits different sized hands. The usual vibration has been replaced by tactile feedback, which provides a more diverse and interesting range of sensations. The responsive release buttons of the new controller will allow players to experience realistic sensations of resistance and recoil, such as when shooting a bow. Also, the new controllers are charged via a Type-C wire, equipped with a built-in microphone, a dedicated record button to record the best moments of the game, and a built-in speaker.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is more compact and does not have a Blu-ray drive, and is perfect for those who prefer digital versions of applications to classic physical media.

Online services

Each game console has its own internet gameplay service, for example, Xbox Live for Xbox, PlayStation Network for Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch Online for Nintendo Switch. These services allow you to purchase new copies of games, films, videos, etc., and most importantly – the ability to play online with other players, exchange information with them and track your rating and statistics on opponents.

The Xbox Live service allows its users to quickly and easily download new games and applications to the Xbox console, as well as form game teams or simply share achievements and clips.

The Sony PlayStation Network also provides a wide variety of solo and multiplayer games, the ability to join various communities to discuss news, share games or stream your games live.

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