The Best Outdoor Home Security Cameras of 2020

The outdoor security cameras are one of the best tools to keep safe your home, or your business. Through high-quality video recording, you will not only be able to spot thieves but also in some cases prevent theft.

The outdoor home security cameras are structured to ensure the control of the external situation of the property, even when you are not on-site, through smartphone monitoring.

Among the most important features to consider when purchasing an outdoor home security cameras are video resolution, the width of view, number of LEDs for night vision, and range.

Additional factors that could be useful are compatibility with voice assistants (Google Home, Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Fire TV Stick) and the presence of an automatic alarm siren that is activated in the event of an attempted break-in.

For some models, subscribe to a subscription to take advantage of continuous recording or cloud storage.

Regarding aesthetics, the models must be light, not too obvious, and above all built to withstand atmospheric agents and temperature changes.

Let’s see the best outdoor home security cameras for 2020, from high-end to cheaper models.

Arlo Video Doorbell

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The best outdoor camera I recommend for anyone looking for a complete, effective, and high-quality video security system is Arlo Video Doorbell. Compatible with Alexa and a built-in siren. You can use it both with the battery, rechargeable via USB magnetic cable, and wireless connection or by connecting it to the current.

In addition to recording in 4K with HDR function, offers optimal night vision with crystal clear black and white images. The maximum viewing angle is 180 ° with an automatic correction to reduce fish-eye distortions.

Among the functions offered I find: siren directly integrated into the video security camera, two-way audio, night vision, and storage of recordings up to 30 days on the Cloud, pre-recorded quick reply messages, Weather resistance, and immediate intervention without unlocking the phone to activate the siren or call someone, microphones with noise cancellation and recognition of moving objects.

Arlo Pro3

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Among the best outdoor Wi-Fi cameras, I find another Arlo model, this time Pro3 with 3 video security devices and Smart Hub at a more affordable price.

With 2K HDR video quality and a viewing angle of 160 °, I recommend it for homeowners, but also small businesses. Through the application, you can opt for two other shooting modes from 125 ° or 110 °.

The battery lasts from 3 to 6 months with only 3 hours of charging and both the charging cable and the mounting base are magnetic.

Arlo Pro3 includes the free trial version of Arlo Smart, which allows you to view streaming surveillance footage and recognize what’s in the scene with automatic zoom on it (people, animals, packages, and vehicles).

Through the smartphone application, you will be able to activate saving on the Cloud. If you do not want to subscribe, it will be possible to save the data on a USB stick, as the MicroSD entry is missing.

Another feature I appreciated is the two-way audio in real-time which, for example, in the case of the delivery of a package, will allow you to communicate directly with the courier to tell him where to leave your order.

Wyze Cam

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If you are looking for one of the best outdoor IP cameras with FHD 1080p resolution and affordable quality/price ratio, Wyze Cam is a good option. I recommend this video security kit to anyone who has the Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa smart integrations.

With 1080p video quality and the Smart Image Enhancement function, you will have intelligent image optimization at your disposal. The view of the framed subjects is clean and clear. It also includes motion detection alerts, night vision, HD live streaming, and 2-Way Audio support. 

The total absence of cables makes it easy to install security cameras both inside and outside the home. The devices are designed with good material and are IP67 certified.

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