Samsung Rumor to Discontinue the Note Line

Samsung’s Galaxy Note is one of the oldest and most popular series of smartphones. But new rumors propose that it will be discontinued next year. Different industry sources have suggested in recent days that Samsung is not developing a new Galaxy Note model for 2021.

Samsung rumored to discontinue Galaxy Note line

According to various reports, Samsung would have decided to permanently disappear the Galaxy Note, so the 2020 model will be the last in the series. The S-Pen would be the only survivor and would become part of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, as well as the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung plans to abandon the release of new smartphones of the Galaxy Note line due to low demand for premium gadgets caused by the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters reported, citing sources.

The Galaxy Note series, known for its large screen size and the included stylus, is one of the two popular lines of the South Korean brand. The second includes the more compact Galaxy S.

Although the South Korean firm has not confirmed it, everything indicates that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will hit the market in June 2021. This device will possibly have support inside to place the S-Pen, while the Galaxy S21 will have a hole similar to the Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note series made its debut on the market in 2011, but at the time the criticisms were present for its large screen of 5.3 inches. However, this family of devices became one of Samsung’s most important for almost a decade.

On the edge of presenting the new generation of smartphones, the company would have decided to end production to make way for those with a flexible screen. Of course, the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 would incorporate other important innovations to make the most of this technology.

Samsung’s idea is to provide users with a tablet experience, which will also have a hidden camera under the display. The screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will also have a new type of screen that will be able to avoid marks caused by the S-Pen of the Galaxy Note.

 Counterpoint analyst Tom Kang predicted sales of the Galaxy Note series this year would fall 20% to 8 million units and Galaxy S sales to 30 million units, down 5 million from the previous reporting period.

“The demand for premium technology has dropped this year, and many users are reluctant to buy new gadgets,” Kang explained.

Meanwhile, other sources said that in 2021 the new Galaxy Note will still appear in stores, but will indeed become a “farewell”.

“There will be a new Note smartphone in September. The line will be discontinued after the 2021 release. The release of the new Note may happen during the presentation of the Z Fold 3,” said Twitter account @cozyplanes, which specializes in leaks from tech companies. Well-known tech insider Ross Young agreed with his words.

The new device will fold in two different places, giving the user essentially three screens at once. In this case, the gadget will receive a retractable keyboard hidden in one of the faces of the smartphone. In the folded video, the device is a narrow and compact gadget, and in the unfolded video, it is a full-fledged tablet consisting of three screens.

Additional details about the new gadget from Samsung are still unknown. The company is expected to officially show the world a new representative of the Galaxy Z Fold line no earlier than the summer of 2021.

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