iOS 14.3 brings ProRAW

On 14 December 2020, Apple released an update to its iOS mobile operating system to version 14.3. This update introduces, for example, support for AirPods Max headphones, and much more. But most importantly, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphones have the ability to shoot in the new Apple ProRAW format. Earlier, this feature was only available in beta versions of iOS.

Recall that previously it was possible to shoot on Apple smartphones in RAW format only using third-party applications. But now you can enable Apple ProRAW in the settings.

The Apple ProRAW is a 12-bit file. It uses the DNG linear file format to carry extra info and dynamic range in the file. This format makes it easier to adjust exposure and white balance. The file size is about 25 MB.

But the most interesting thing is that this is not just a “raw” file, familiar to us, and not a photograph that can be obtained in a third-party application. The idea behind Apple ProRAW is that you get a DNG file with unique algorithms and software features from the company already applied to it, such as Smart HDR 3, Deep Fusion, and Night Mode. Due to this, we get not just a RAW file, but an image already processed by the A14 Bionic processor. Which can be additionally processed using Apple’s tools in the Photos application, and other graphic editors that allow additional processing and “development” of DNG files.

It should be noted that third-party apps also received the ability to shoot in Apple ProRAW. For example, the creators of the Halide application announced support for the format, which introduced a new shooting mode in their ProRAW + program.

Recall that in addition to Apple ProRAW, as well as the availability of algorithms Deep Fusion, Smart HDR 3, and night mode, the new iPhone 12 has added support for the 12-bit Dolby Vision video format.

The complete update looks like this:

  • Support for new AirPods Max on-ear headphones;
  • Added the ability to record video at 25 frames per second;
  • Added the ability to mirror the image when taking static photos with the front camera;
  • App Store pages now have a new privacy section. In this section, the developer communicates how his application handles sensitive data;
  • You can now search for content by category, for example by genre, and as you type, recent searches and offers are displayed;
  • The list of top search results displays the most relevant movies, TV shows, actors, channels, and sports events;
  • Blitz Apps (App Clip) can be launched by scanning Apple-developed blitz app codes using the Camera or Control Center;
  • For the “Cycle Tracker” function in the “Health” application, you can specify information about pregnancy, lactation, and contraceptive use so that forecasts of menstruation and fertile days are more accurate;
  • Air quality data for cities and regions in mainland China are now available in the Weather app, Maps, and Siri;
  • Under certain air quality metrics, the Weather app and Siri display health tips;
  • In Safari, you can select Ecosia as your search engine.

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