Target PS5 Restock Reportedly Happening December 28th

This Christmas season, the biggest gaming gift is the elusive New Gen Console, Sony PlayStation 5. This gift has been difficult to purchase. Great news, you may still be able to get one before 2021.

Spiel Times has heard from several staff members at Target, who say that new PS5 stock is expected between tomorrow and Tuesday. Just because restock information is being rumored, it does not mean you will easily get your hands on one. In our own experience in trying to secure a PS5, using a stores’ app does not necessarily connect you to the store with stock. Most likely, your app is locked into your preferred store. There is a chance that your preferred shopping store may not receive any restock. The reports are some stores may receive up to 15 units, while others receive nothing.

Spiel Times notes that the two-hour window between 5 AM and 7 AM has been when past PS5 restocks have occurred. However, Target tends to drop anywhere between 3 am and 7 am EST.

Best Practice Tips:

  1. Create a Target account beforehand
  2. Complete your profile with Shipping and Billing information
  3. *Some have reported more success using the Target App than the website.
  4. *Make sure you are logged in beforehand

Happy gaming!

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