Boston Dynamics Robots shows off their Dance Moves

Boston Dynamics is an American engineering and robotics company. The company releases a new video in which some of its robots – the most famous are Atlas, with human features, and Spot, yellow and dog-like – perform a joint dance on the song “Do You Love Me” by Contours, a juke-box classic from the Sixties.

Boston Dynamics periodically publishes videos of its robots. Over time they have gained several new features, including opening the door, running, avoiding obstacles, holding each other’s door, walking on rough terrain.

Atlas, a robot that just recently barely stood on its feet, demonstrated acrobatic stunts, and Spot went on sale.

The American company Boston Dynamics, known on the Internet for its videos of robots being pushed, knocked down, and throwing objects at them, has shown that all these tests have borne fruit. In the latest video posted on their YouTube channel, Atlas, the most advanced anthropomorphic robot to date, and Spot demonstrated the ability to perform a joint dance.

It should be remembered that this is not the first extraordinary performance performed by the Boston Dynamics robots. In 2018, the company had released a video of Spot dancing to the tune of Uptown Funk. While last year, Atlas the humanoid performed exercises of high-level bodyweight gymnastics. Each year, however, the performances increase, and the performances improve significantly.

In another video posted, the company showed the capabilities of the dog-like Spot robot. At the moment, this robot is capable of speeds up to 1.6 m / s and runs without recharging for 90 minutes. After which battery can be changed in a matter of minutes and the robot will continue its journey. The Spot is also capable of easily navigating rough terrain. Its 360-degree camera allows it to notice and avoid obstacles. But even unexpected collisions are not afraid of the robot. It has a shock-resistant body. And after being knocked down it can stand up on its own in a couple of seconds.

The robot is capable of carrying up to 14 kg of weight. That allows it to supply with additional modifications. Such as a mechanical manipulator with which it can open doors. The temperature range in which Spot functions properly are from -20 ° C to 45 ° C. Rain and dust are not affecting it, thanks to the IP54 protection.

Boston Dynamics invites anyone to order a Spot robot on its official website. But the cost of such an order is still unknown.

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