Tesla Unprecedented Incentive of Full Self-driving for 3 months:

The “fully self-driving capability” option is currently offered for $10,000 on the official Tesla website when purchasing the vehicle. However, to boost sales before the end of the year. Elon Musk decided to offer this feature for 3 months to the last customers before the start of 2021.

The fully Self-Driving feature will be available from the start of 2021 as a subscription. On Tesla cars, Autopilot is standard. But some features are not available unless you purchase the paid option. This is because the free option only allows you to hold a course, as well as accelerate and brake for you if you encounter vehicles or pedestrians.

Fully Self-driving offered for 3 months:

The fully autonomous driving option makes your car much smarter. According to the Tesla website, it allows automated driving from the insertion lane to the freeway exit, including on interchanges, and to overtake slower vehicles. There are also automated lane changes on the freeway, a parallel parking and automatic battle, an automatic release of the parking space, or the recognition and response to traffic lights and stop signs.

In other countries, the regulations do not yet make it possible to take advantage of the full potential of this functionality. In the United States, Tesla has launched the Fully Self-Driving Beta, which allows cars to drive alone in the city. For example, you have seen fully self-driving intelligently overtake a garbage truck or detect and avoid deer in the middle of the night.

In the coming months, Tesla will allow its cars to meet you in the parking lot as well as automated driving in the city. For now, fully autonomous driving is available as a one-time purchase of $ 7,500 when setting up your vehicle. Although the car is becoming very intelligent, the driver must remain focused on the environment and be ready to take back control in case of danger.

Comprehensive autonomous driving options cost $ 10,000 in America and $ 7,500 in Europe and, given its high price, not everyone tends to buy them. Thanks to the initiative of this American manufacturer. Customers will be able to try this package for free and finally activate it for subsequent payment. Some even say that in 2021 Tesla will begin the possibility of activating advanced driver assistance features through subscriptions.

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