Samsung HDR10+ Adaptive Technology Adjusts to Room Lighting

Last year, Dolby Vision IQ was one of the Best of CES awards. It has expanded the specifications for displays that support HDR output by optimizing scenes for ambient lighting conditions. As a result, the video should look closer to how the author intended, even if the lighting in the room where the TV is located affects the perception of the image.

Now, Samsung has taken a similar approach for its HDR10 + technology, which similarly extends the base HDR10 standard by encoding information for each scene separately. Samsung’s upcoming QLED products, which are expected to include the 2021 4K TV family, will support HDR10 + Adaptive so that Filmmaker can use the TV’s ambient light sensor to adapt the picture to room conditions.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the services that support HDR10 +, and BA Winston CEO said that with HDR10 + and Filmmaker mode, Prime Video content is optimized regardless of viewing conditions. So customers can enjoy movies and TV series the way their creators intended.

Since Samsung and Dolby have not reached an agreement to include Dolby Vision’s HDR technology in Samsung products, the innovation gives the Korean company’s owners a similar experience when playing back-compatible content. The intrigue is whether older Samsung QLED TVs with light sensors will receive HDR10 + Adaptive support, or whether it is only about the latest solutions.

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