AirPop’s Active+ Smart Mask

AirPop is a famous Mask manufacturing company. AirPop produces Masks fit for both exercise and everyday wear.  Now, they have introduced a Smart Mask Active + and application that tracks breath, air quality, and the efficacy of the filter.

With Active + Smart Mask, AirPop tracks your face in Fitbit style, but rather than just focusing on calories, and steps it is all about respiration and air quality. Face Masks have become a part of everyday life over the past year, even after the coronavirus pandemic has ended. Many are considering wearing a thicker Mask, and AirPop gave you a reason to choose the higher version of Technologies.

The sensor, which calls Halo, is a smart part of the Mask. It measures the respiratory rate and tracks the filter installed in the Mask.

The filter blocks dust, hazardous particles, and allergens but has a limited life. The sensor connects to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. All collected data about a person’s health and Mask health transfer to the original AirPop app or Apple HealthKit.

In the appendix, you will find data on which dirt the Mask has blocked. It will tell you how effective the Mask is, how long you wear it per day. And, the volume of air that has passed over it, the number of breaths per minute, as well as, related data indicating whether the Mask was worn during training. It also gives information on the air quality in the area and suggests whether or not wearing a Mask is beneficial and under what conditions.

The coin cell battery is used in Bluetooth that should last for nearly six months. The AirPop app will be available for Android and iOS. If you are an iOS user, it allows you to sync with Apple HeathKit. To keep the filter away from the face, the Mask uses a three-dimensional structure. A medical membrane is hidden under the soft covering that covers the oral cavity. According to AirPop, its four-layer filters eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and 99.3% of particles.

This Mask is a huge action up from the fabric Masks that many will buy in 2020, and the price shows that. It will sell for $ 150 when it launches after CES in January 2021. This amount includes four filters, all of them are valid for 40 hours of actual filtration. You can select colors from light green, black, or bright white version. The Active+ Smart Mask sells replacement filter kits for $ 4 each for $ 25. You can get them first on the AirPop website and then immediately in various stores.

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