Theaters Renting Out Their Screens to Gamers

Many people are going to Cinemas for play games rather than watch movies. It’s no secret that the pandemic has devastated the theater industry, but some channels are getting smarter to make up for some of those losses. The BBC reports that CGV, South Korea’s largest film production company, allows players to rent their screens on two-hour slots for $ 90 until 6 pm and $ 135 later that night.

That’s a lot of money, especially considering that gamers have to bring their consoles, controllers, and games with them. But where can you play on a screen at least 6 meters long with excellent sound quality?

If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll take my PS5 with me to play the latest levels of Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons, which are preventing me from getting a platinum trophy (I know this is a PS4 game!).

Even with the players’ reservations, the CGV told the BBC that they would not do anything on a normal night before the pandemic could bring. Only a half-filled room with 100 seats will cost $ 600, excluding grocery. However, according to the company, since the launching of the service in January 2021, the screens have been booked more than 130 times. So the service is very famous among gamers ages Between 30 to 40. Different families and couples are also renting screens. According to the company, this service is called Azitx.

According to the BBC report, Malco Theaters (American Theater Company) also allow gamers to rent screens for private gaming or tours. This company has 36 theaters in southern states. This service has a name – Malco Select Gaming, and the price is $ 100 for two hours or $ 150 for three hours. It can carry up to 20 people. In his FAQ, Malko states that you can use any console that attaches to the HDMI port, and you can connect over Ethernet to play online games, which is excellent. However, you cannot broadcast there. So leave your setup at home.

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