Google Meet Will Get A Refreshed UI, Autozoom, Multi-Pinning, And More

Google has made several changes to the user interface of the Meet video conferencing service. They were designed to make remote meetings more like personal ones.

Google announced important improvements for Google Meet today. Google Meet is a video conferencing service that brings many changes to the user interface for desktop users. New functionalities include multi-pinning that provides the facility to highlight several feeds instead of just one and a new AI-enabled video feature for light correction. There is also autozoom and a new Data Saver option that give control over data usage.

Google will improve the Google Meet for PC users in the coming month. The new version will enhance the video transmission, redesign the presentation, and update the navigation bar.

With the latest update from Google Meet, users will be able to hide their face in meeting mode, hide their video stream completely, or minimize it. Also, the new update allows users to adjust the attendee grid as they wish. There are also pinning and unpinning features. The presenter can quickly unpin a tile of the presentation, and it will be similar in size. It will Also provide the facility to pin several video streams during a call.

Improving the Meeting bottom panel is a very useful update in Google Meet. This way, you can merge all the controls in a single location. It shows that the attachments, members, and the chat option are at the bottom of the screen. It gives more area for video feeds.

The button for the call end is placed away from other buttons like the camera and microphone. It reduces the chance of unintentionally pressing.

Additionally, Google is adding a Low Light Mode feature in Google Meet. This option will automatically set the lighting of the video in a low-light room.

In the following months, the new AI-controlled autozoom option will be available for the paid Google Workspace members. Google Meet will also offer background replacements in the coming weeks, having had a long presence at its rival Zoom.

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