Microsoft Removes Xbox Live Gold Requirement For F2P Games

Microsoft stated today that it revised its policy for accessing F2P multiplayer games on Xbox consoles. To access F2P games, the player does not require an active Xbox Live Gold membership.

The Sony platform already provides this feature to PlayStation users for several years. Now Microsoft has started this feature like its competitor Sony.

Recall that all this occurred after the company determined to raise the price of Xbox Live Gold. The community did not appreciate this update, so Microsoft quickly backed down, canceled the price hikes, and agreed to ditch F2P games from Xbox Live Gold membership.

Along with the next batch of games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, Microsoft announced a price increase for the service. The company motivated this by fluctuations in regional markets: they say, in some places, the cost of Gold has not changed for years.

However, after community displeasure, Microsoft dropped the upgrade: We did something stupid today, and you quite rightly let us know about it. Playing and Chatting with friends is a significant part of gaming. We have failed to fulfill the desires of the players who are regularly counting on this part. Therefore, we determined not to modify the price of Xbox Live Gold.

At the same time, Microsoft stated that the user would not require an Xbox Live Gold subscription for F2P games. The feature will take effect in the following months. Thus, Xbox Live has moved closer to ensuring that the player remains at the center of the entire ‘experience’ the corporation writes. Previously, Gold was needed for all multiplayer games, including free-play ones.

Recall that on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, similar subscriptions for F2P games have never been required; that is, Xbox Live Gold is becoming a little more similar to competitors. And the price increase in the USA was not at all concerned. The local Xbox division stated in a commentary that in this region, the cost of Xbox Live Gold would not change.

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