Apple showed new products at the spring presentation of Spring Loaded

Apple hosted the first event this year, Apple Spring Loaded. The company unveiled the AirTag smart tag for finding things, updated Apple TV, iMac, and iPad Pro. The company also showed purple for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. Both gadgets in the new color can be purchased starting from April 23; the price will remain the same.

IMac all-in-one

The iMac has been significantly updated. He received an Apple M1 processor and several new colors. In the initial configuration, which costs 799 dollars, you can choose blue, green, pink, and silver; in the middle and maximum, yellow, orange, and purple are added. The front camera of the device has also been updated. It can now shoot in Full HD resolution.

IPad Pro tablet

In 2021, the company will introduce an updated line of iPad Pro tablets with probably advanced mini-LED displays.

Most likely, the tablet will be the ‘hero of the day”, which was slightly updated last year and already feels morally outdated. Probably, Apple will launch 11- and 12.9-inch models; we are talking about the display and the processor. They say it will be an A14X with the same advantages as an M1 chip.

The new generation iPad Pro has an M1 processor, the same chip used in last year’s MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. According to Apple, this will provide a “big leap in performance” when comparing the previous generation tablet. Graphics performance has increased more than 1.5 thousand times, and users can count on the autonomous operation of the device throughout the day.

Also waiting for the iPad mini with an 8.4-inch display. The mini-tablet was noticeably updated two years ago; the main changes, if any, will affect the performance of the device. The front camera has been redesigned. It received a resolution of 12 megapixels. The camera focuses on the person in the frame and constantly monitors their movement. Moreover, if several people are in the frame at once, the camera focuses attention on each of them.

Apple TV 4K media box

Apple also introduced a new generation of Apple TV 4K media box, which replaced the 2017 model of the same name. Also, an updated Siri Remote.

The company has announced a new generation of Apple TV. The prefix received a more powerful processor A12 Bionic, improved HDR support, and added the ability to calibrate color via the iPhone. The remote control got a completely new design – it is now aluminum. The call button for the voice assistant – Siri – is now on the side.

Image Source : Apple

AirTag tracker

Apple has announced the AirTag tracker, which works in conjunction with the company’s apps and services.

The first big novelty of the presentation was a tag – AirTag.  It would be used to hang on a keychain or bag, and the Find My app will display the exact location of this. Apple said that the tag is secure from unauthorized spying on people.

It will not work to throw such a beacon into someone’s pocket; the device was created specifically to track objects. The tag is protected from moisture according to the iP67 standard. Its design can be customized with any of the available emoticons.

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