Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack extends iPhone 12’s battery

Apple has made available the new Apple MagSafe Battery Pack accessory. It is a spare external battery, with magnetic coupling, compatible with the iPhone 12, mini, Pro, and Pro Max models.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack 

The MagSafe Battery Pack is used to recharge the smartphone on the fly, wherever you are. It is compatible only with the latest iPhone 12 generation of the Apple device because it is one of the unique features of this version.

The MagSafe system is available on the iPhone 12 models, which allows you to connect the chargers magnetically to the back of the device, even in the presence of a case, provided that the latter is compatible with MagSafe.

The magnets are positioned to ensure proper alignment between the smartphone and the charger; for quick and convenient cordless charging.

When charging on the go, the MagSafe Battery Pack is capable of charging the iPhone with up to 5W of power. If it connects to a 20W or higher power source, it can charge up to 15W of power.

For even faster charging, Apple also highlights, you can use the MagSafe Battery Pack along with a 27W or higher power supply.

But be warned: The power adapter and USB-C to Lightning cable are not included in the package when you purchase the MagSafe Battery Pack. They are sold separately and therefore must be purchased separately.

The MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 costs, on the Apple Store, $ 99.

MagSafe Battery Pack Design  
Everything is traditional for Apple. The packaging is a small box; the battery pack can easily be removed. Why is the Battery Pack this size? The answer is simple: look at the accessory along with the iPhone 12 mini. The dimensions of the smallest smartphone in the line were used to maintain harmony.

In the end, there is a Lightning input, a light indicator. Naturally, the MagSafe ring highlighted – the fixation is instant, reliable. The plastic is smooth, but in moderation, scratches will not be very noticeable. On the inside, the rubber is very pleasant to the touch. The original MagSafe cases do not interfere with charging. Moreover, no one bothers you to use the accessory like a wireless charger at work or home: connect the Battery Pack to a power supply, the charging speed will increase. 

The Battery Pack won’t charge your Apple Watch – but AirPods and AirPods Pro charge without any problems. By the way, it’s convenient.


First, check which iPhone you have – the accessory works only with the iPhone 12 family. Then check what software is running on your smartphone – it must be iOS 14.7.1. If there is a different version, the accessory identifies as a USB cable.

Like any MagSafe accessory, when connected, the Battery Pack is satisfied with a few special effects: here you have an animation, and a demonstration of the charge level of the smartphone and case, and a notification on the screen: “iPhone can be charged up to about 90% when using an external MagSafe battery.” If you want more – go to Power saving mode. Naturally, the battery is displayed in the widgets with its icon.

MagSafe Battery Pack Features

Apple also illustrates some of the features that make this product heir to the Apple Smart Battery unique. First of all, there is a protection system that prevents charging from proceeding over 80% if the battery heats up; it improves the life of the accessory. It is also compatible with optimized charging technology that you have seen in iPhones: the expected charging time presented and possible by tapping the warning to increase the charging speed. The battery intelligently manages the transfer of energy if it connects for too long. There is a widget that presents the battery status. Apple also advises not to use a case that contains a credit card inside and to pay attention to leather cases. 

MagSafe Battery Pack Advantages

The idea behind MagSasfe Battery Pack is undoubtedly winning and very interesting for the future of this accessory. The choice to abandon the form factor based on a case, – in fact – allows the Battery Pack to be much more versatile and to adapt not only to all the models currently on the market but also to those that will release in the coming years.

The new solution is, therefore, more versatile. But its positive aspects do not end there; Since the Battery Pack is even capable of transforming itself into a wireless desktop charger, able to replace the official MagSafe power supply. In this case, you will be able to access the 15W recharge via pass-through (you need a charger of at least 20W), and you have the same functions as the power supply, with the only difference given by the weight. Use the smartphone from the bed while using the Pack as a simple charger; it is not the most comfortable thing in the world.

Like all MagSafe accessories, the grip of the magnets is firm and efficient, without however making it difficult to remove it, which can be done quickly by sliding the battery on the back of the iPhone. The battery remains aligned well while you keep it in your pocket attached to the iPhone, but be careful when you take it out.

You can recharge the battery pack at the same time as the phone. Just connect a Lightning cable to the battery, and it will switch to the 15W, the same as the Magsafe is capable of. You need a 20W charger to have the best possible performance and a USB-C cable over Lightning.


The small battery can work as a wireless charger; it is easy to take with you, you do not need to remove the original cases for use. It can lie in a backpack and save a discharged iPhone if you have been walking for a long time or sitting on an airplane watching a video. There are many scenarios of use: such batteries are not a sin to offer to guests in restaurants; because, most likely, the MagSafe in the iPhone 13 will remain the same size.

There is no point in buying a Battery Pack specifically for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But for the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini, it is a good option, allowing you to use your smartphone for almost twice as long as usual.

Well, if you walk a lot, travel a lot, fly often – the little thing that can be useful and will not take up much space in your bag is MagSafe Battery Pack.

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