Elon Musk introduced a humanoid robot, Tesla Bot

It is planned to be created in 2022. It’ll be based on the Tesla Autopilot advanced driving system and is definitely not terrifying at all.

Elon Musk announced the creation of a humanoid robot Tesla Bot, a prototype of which may appear in 2022. He made such an announcement during the Day of Artificial Intelligence, which Tesla is holding in California.

Tesla Bot will use the same chips and sensors used in the company’s vehicles. According to Musk, Tesla can be considered the largest robotics firm worldwide because its electric cars are like semi-intelligent robots on wheels.

According to the presentation provided by Musk, Tesla Bot will be friendly and will be able to take on dangerous and Boring tasks of the same type. For example, he can go to the grocery store.

The entrepreneur believes that if humanoid robots learn to perform repetitive tasks that only humans can now do, there is a chance to transform the world economy by reducing labor costs. However, the head of Tesla suggests that initially, the robot will most likely not work as intended.

The Tesla Bot will be based on a fully autonomous Dojo computer and neural networks which can recognize and navigate the world. The robot’s height will be 172 centimeters, weight – 57 kilograms, maximum speed – 8 kilometers per hour, and instead of a face, it will have a screen with valuable information. Tesla is building a robot that humans can defeat or escape from

As CNBC notes, Tesla Bot is an example of a product that Musk is demonstrating to inspire supporters, employees, customers, and investors. Such developments are planned for a long time and do not always come out on time.

So, at Tesla’s Autonomy Day event in April 2019, Musk announced an autonomous taxi service in 2020. He said in the next year and a half, the fleet will number up to 1 million of these cars, but so far not a single one is visible. In October 2016, during another presentation, Musk showed off a product called the Solar Roof. It has not yet appeared on sale, and the sample presented at the event turned out to be purely conceptual.

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