Sony starts selling lighter PS5 models in Australia

In Australia, it has been reported that a newly designed PS5 has hit the market. It has been confirmed that the new stock of the Australian PS5 has a new model number (CFI-1102A).

It has been confirmed with a purchaser that this new model includes the a new screw that is able to be adjusted by hand thus eliminating the need for a screwdriver. If you have ever built a cpu, the new thumbscrew reminds me of those used to attach CPU covers.

According to, Sony has not yet confirmed the exact changes of this new model number, especially the details of the changes making the PlayStation 5 almost 300 grams lighter.

Sony is introducing the new models quietly and for some reason chose Australia to get them first. There’s no detail on how 300 grams have been shaved off the weight. Comparisons between the old and new models should begin appearing online soon. I am sure the lighter units will save on bulk shipping costs.

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