Madden NFL 22 Review

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There is no doubt the last year’s iteration of Madden NFL was a big disappointment for fans, mainly because of the unamusing campaign mode and the lack of new content. However, this year’s game comes with several good changes.

The developer EA Tiburon has listened to the fans and totally revived the campaign mode, improving the interface and incorporating a few immersive new systems. The Madden NFL 22 lets you plan every game week depending on your challenger and make modifications according to available data on real NFL teams. It makes the game more versatile and gives it a strategic depth.

The developers have also introduced offensive and defensive coordinators with a completely new Talent Tree system, giving you the liberty to enhance your team’s abilities, depending on what you want to accomplish.

The college scouting modifications are still due, but we can say it is one of the best iterations of Madden NFL so far. Of course, it comes with some cons, such as weak storylines and a need to offer more control over player management. 

Another thing we are not happy about is the Face of the Franchise still featuring a weak plot. However, the Face of the Franchise also has one great benefit; it allows you to transfer your progress to the Yard – the street football mode.

This feature is primarily unaffected, even though the developers have offered new locations such as London and a more engrossed progression arc. The best thing about the Madden NFL 22 is how progression connects across all modes, allowing you to receive Ultimate Team bundles for triumphing in The Yard, for instance. All these features make the game more linked, which we also experienced in MLB The Show 21.

The new Gameday Atmosphere feature takes the crowd to the edge of their seats as EA adds the latest animations and remastered fan footages that more precisely repeat what we possibly witness and hear on any Sunday game. The changes are not just cosmetic, you will see the ball flying faraway in Denver’s high altitude, and the wind will play its part in the field goal in Chicago.

The Gameday Momentum is another excellent addition, representing the changes that happen throughout real-life NFL matches, offering benefits to the side in the lead. It means the way the crowd appreciates the home fans will significantly affect how the players perform.

You will find a momentum meter at the top of the display that will go backward and forward, similar to a tug-of-war according to the performance of every side. If your performance is gaining the impetus – owing to a big sack or vital touchdown, for example – you’ll be able to achieve different rewards (known M-Factors), offering your side an advantage in specific conditions.

It works together with Gameday Atmosphere to notch up the impact of home-field edge, mainly when you perform in front of viewers famous for their vociferousness.


Madden NFL 22 has undoubtedly improved, with the concentration on Franchise being late but pleasant nonetheless. The new Gameday Momentum system makes every match more engaged. On the other hand, Face of the Franchise still doesn’t amuse us, along with some bugs. That said, we feel the series is on is on the right track.

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