Amazon Echo Show: Model with the 15-inch screen?

Amazon has organized a hardware event for September 28th. New Echo devices with Alexa will almost certainly be announced: According to Bloomberg, the Seattle-based company could unveil an Echo Show with a 15-inch screen, a new Echo Auto, and a robot for the home.

Currently, you can buy three Echo Shows with 5, 8, and 10-inch screens (Echo Show 5 is on sale at a 29% discount). The top of the range uses a technology that allows you to follow the user to keep him in the center of the frame during a video call but must be placed on a flat surface. The new 15-inch Echo Show, which Amazon may announce next Tuesday, can also be wall-mounted.

Amazon Echo Show Page:

In practice, it can function as a smart home control panel. According to Bloomberg, the device is designed to install in the kitchen. It will then be possible to read the recipes and watch videos. The code name of the product is Hoya. Of course, all the other features will not be missing, such as viewing photos, calendars, news, and appointments.

Amazon recently unveiled eight Smart TVs. Bloomberg speculates the arrival of a soundbar with a front camera and Alexa (codenamed Harmony) that allows you to make video calls from the TV. Also expected is the second generation of Echo Auto with a new design and inductive charging.

The Seattle-based company could show an Echo robot that follows the user around the house, using computer vision technology. No new Echo smart speakers are slated to be announced during the September 28th event. All that remains is to wait until tomorrow for official confirmation.

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