Leaked DJI’s next drone: almost an hour of flight and bigger sensors

DJI’s new drone, the Mavic 3 Pro, has been leaked. It will be a huge improvement over the previous model due to its improved sensors and extended range.

According to the leaks, this Mavic Pro would have larger sensors and also two separate cameras; one of 20 megapixels with a focal length of 24 millimeters f/2.8-f/11 with a micro four-thirds sensor and another of 12 megapixels, with a zoom equivalent to 160 mm and with a sensor of half an inch.

Allegedly official documents of this new drone have been leaked. Among them, the manual also includes all the specifications that it will have. The price, as Jasper Ellens relates, would be $1,600.

It will offer USB-C charging without the need to remove the battery (at the cost of a higher weight, 907 to 920 grams) and will have a flight capacity of 46 minutes. An important jump, if you consider that the Mavic 2 Pro has 31 minutes of flight.

The Mavic 3 Pro would arrive in 2 versions: a Pro model and a ‘Cine’ model. It would integrate an ultra-fast SSD and an option to connect a 1 Gbps Lightspeed cable for faster transfers. The controller will also be updated; It will integrate a screen to be able to see what the drone is seeing at a range of more than 15 kilometers. Of course, this version would be designed for professional users looking for audiovisual editing features. It would cost about $1,000 more than the Pro model, and both versions are expected to arrive on November 15.

This information is not confirmed, but everything indicates that the leak is true; due to the quality of the images in the leaked manual. In the coming weeks, you will see if the future Mavic 3 Pro corresponds to what you have learned so far.

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