Intel picks Columbus Ohio area for largest chip factory in the world

Intel Corp said on Friday that it would invest $20 billion in two new plants in Ohio to research and produce sophisticated semiconductor chips, as it seeks to catch up with rivals across the world.

The project, which will be Intel’s first new production facility in 40 years, could eventually encompass eight plants and $100 billion in investment from Intel and its suppliers and partners over the next decade. The first chips are planned to be produced by 2025, with construction expected to begin this year.

“Ultimately, we hope to establish the largest semiconductor manufacturing site on the planet.’’ After being instrumental in establishing Silicon Valley, Gelsinger said the new site could become “the Silicon Heartland.” The news of this great expansion was told to Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted in a letter that was delivered to the two on Christmas Day.

Not only does Intel plan to invest up to $100 billion in the site over the next decade, they will also invest approximately $100 million in partnership with Ohio universities, colleges, and the US National Science Foundation to foster new talent.

Intel already operates plants in numerous states, including Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona. According to the New York Times, Ohio is the company’s first production expansion into a new state in over 40 years. Under its new CEO, Intel has been rapidly increasing its investments in production capacity, having already announced a $20 billion expansion of the company’s current Arizona facility.

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