Android 13 to stream programs to your computer

According to Google’s January blueprint, by 2022, they want the Android and Chrome OS experiences to be similar to Apple’s ecosystem connections. This includes the ability to utilize a messaging app from your Android phone on your Chromebook, and the software would be the same on both devices. We may be able to get a first glimpse at how that feature will work in the forthcoming Android 13 developer beta thanks to 9to5Google.

Google appears to be allowing you to stream programs to your computer. According to 9to5Google, the online app was usable on both Chrome OS and Windows 11. Your Pixel does more than merely mirror the portrait screen of your phone. Instead, it produces a completely different virtual display that is transmitted to your laptop or desktop computer. On the second screen of your phone, this is where your messaging apps will appear. Running an app on your laptop or desktop does not have to prevent you from using other apps on your phone’s main screen.

If this is the case, you should be able to access any of your phone’s apps. There’s a menu button at the bottom of your phone that, when pressed, displays the whole list of apps on your phone. Go to this menu to open any app on your phone. Pixel’s cross-device streaming allows you to access your entire phone.

9to5Google also got cross-device streaming to operate on Chrome OS. However, it appears that the magazine was only able to get a messaging app to work.

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