Gaming News Tidbits

Improving Reading Skills through Action Video Games

Recent studies have shown that action video games can actually help young kids with their reading skills in school. The game would have to be contributing to educational purposes though, not just things such as Call of Duty. In technical terms I am speaking of games that would contribute to memorizing certain things or reading things off of the screen. Even talking to other players, the video game can contribute to their reading because they are having a conversation with another person whom they most likely do not know.

Class of 2020 Grads Hosting Commencement within Animal Crossing

As we all know, the Class of 2020 was the class most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. A few unique classmates from the graduating class met together on the game Animal Crossing and hosted a virtual graduation commencement. This was very convenient for the graduating class because most of them cannot be in person because of different colleges. Even though it is not in person, this is a very unique way to feel a bit better about the unforeseen circumstance. It is very nice that we are able to have things such as this and bring people together within the video game.

‘Fortnite’ Lawsuit Shines Light on Gaming Addiction

A recent Fortnite Lawsuit has brought more people’s attention to the dangers of gaming addiction. This famous game is causing young children to be constantly addicted to playing video games. Kids will go hours upon hours playing Fortnite without any break. Many parents are even having trouble getting their kids to do homework because they do not want to stop playing the game. It is a very serious subject because there are many dangers associated with video games such as insomnia, depression and so on.

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