Alexa can now tell you about upcoming deals

Amazon’s Alexa has received a new function that will alert Prime customers up to 24 hours ahead of time of certain deals, according to the firm. The new tool, according to Amazon, is intended to help customers save money while also saving time.

When qualifying products in Prime members’ wish lists or shopping carts, as well as those marked “saved for later,” go on sale, the smart voice assistant will notify them. Customers can then ask Alexa to order the items or send a reminder once the sale is live.

Amazon does not specify what constitutes a “qualifying” item or whether these discounts will apply to products sold by third parties. For the time being, only US Amazon Prime users with fourth-generation or newer Echo smart speakers will be able to use the new feature.

When the deal becomes live, you can ask Alexa to remind you. image
To enable it, open the Alexa app, go to More > Settings > Notifications, and then tap on Amazon Shopping. You can then enable Deal Recommendations and check for Shopping Recommendations.

The Amazon Echo ring will glow yellow once you enable it. If an eligible product you’ve saved or added to your wish lists or shopping cart is about to go on sale, a pop-up notification will appear on your smart device. You may then tell Alexa to read your notifications aloud for further information, and you can ask her to order the item or remind you when the discount is available.

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