Samsung data breach: Customers names, birthdays, and more revealed

An unauthorized third party accessed certain of Samsung’s U.S. networks in July and stole names, birthdays, contact info, and product registration information. Samsung identified the intrusion on August 4 and is investigating with “a reputable cybersecurity firm.”

According to its FAQ, Samsung is emailing affected customers and will continue doing so as its investigation continues. Samsung maintains not everyone’s information was released. The corporation didn’t immediately comment on which systems were affected.¬†

Samsung says Social Security numbers or debit/credit card data were obtained. However, the information the hackers did get can be used in social engineering attacks on other sites. It is recommended for users to activate two-factor authentication on key accounts as soon as you can.

Samsung claims you don’t need to reset your password or take any precautions to keep your Samsung products or accounts safe because “consumer devices were not affected.” Samsung¬†recommends watching out for unexpected account activity and phishing communications.

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