Hacker Stole 119 ETH From Actor Bill Murray Wallet after charity NFT auction

According to CoinDesk, hackers stole more than $180,000 worth of Ethereum from a charity auction hosted by Bill Murray.

Hackers stole 119 Ethereum from the actor’s personal wallet on Thursday evening, data shows, that was intended for Chive Charities.  On Wednesday, Murray was auctioning off a “Beer with Bill Murray” NFT. The winning bidder received a meeting with the comic actor while an artist painted the scene on canvas and a digital copy was created.

The winning bidder was Coinbase user Brant Boersma, who outbid six others who placed a total of 60 bids. The runner-up, Coinbase user Mishap72, reimbursed Chive with 120 Ethereum worth approximately $187,000, a representative of the marketplace told CoinDesk.

According to CoinDesk, the hacker also attempted to steal 800 NFTs from the Bill Murray 1,000 collection but was foiled by the Project Venkman wallet security team. Murray representatives informed CoinDesk that the company had filed a police report and was collaborating with crypto analytics firm Chainalysis to locate the hacker.

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