Elon Musk bans remote work from home at Twitter

There never seems to be a dull day in an Elon Musk run company. In his first communication since taking over Twitter Musk has forbidden Twitter staff from working remotely unless he provides his consent. Bloomberg reported Musk’s first all-hands message since buying the platform. He claimed advertising-led businesses like Twitter face “difficult times ahead” and wants membership payments to account for half of earnings.

During the epidemic, Twitter encouraged staff to work remotely. Musk has also eliminated Twitter’s additional rest days, claiming the company’s revival will demand “intense work.” SpaceX and Tesla, Musk’s other firms, require in-office work unless management authorizes. Musk also said that visibility was key for senior leadership, who should be seen to be working alongside their subordinates.

Musk said the company’s first focus, after launching Twitter Blue, is to combat automated accounts. Musk believed the firm underreported the number of bogus accounts on its platform before the purchase.

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