Dust off that old PC. WinGPT Brings ChatGPT to Windows 3.1

A ChatGPT application for Windows 3.1 computers has been produced. A software that can operate on a vintage 386 CPU, WinGPT integrates a very stripped-down version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT answers. It was developed by the same enigmatic person who created Windle, a Wordle ripoff for Microsoft’s Windows 3.1 operating system.

“I didn’t want my Gateway 4DX2-66 from 1993 to be left out of the AI revolution, so I built an AI Assistant for Windows 3.1, based on the OpenAI API,” says the developer in a Hacker News thread.

There is no requirement for a separate current PC because WinGPT was developed in C using the common Windows API from Microsoft and connects to OpenAI’s API server using TLS 1.3. Along with managing the memory segmentation architecture on 16-bit versions of Windows and creating the software’s user interface, it was a particularly fascinating aspect of getting this app to function on Windows 3.1.

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