AI-powered Artifact takes on X (previously twitter) and with new Posts feature

The co-founders of Instagram’s AI-powered news app Artifact is introducing a significant new feature: Posting. Up until this point, the app has primarily functioned as a online news aggregator. However, soon, users will be able to submit content directly to the app.

At the Code Conference on Wednesday, Mike Krieger, one of Artifact’s co-founders, revealed the new features live while speaking with Casey Newton. The newly released Artifact update that allows users to exchange links logically leads to the new feature. Thanks to this new feature, you may now include text, photographs, and titles in addition to links in your postings. Additionally, the posts will have distinct URLs, which ought to facilitate their sharing across other platforms and services.

Users can get started with the new feature by tapping the “+” icon on the top right corner of the Links tab. From there, you can add your own images, title and text. Artifact notes that you can post whatever you’d like, including restaurant reviews, how-to guides, family recipes, app breakdowns, and more.

The new posts feature means Artifact will move from being mostly an aggregator to something that could compete much more directly with things like X (formerly Twitter) or Meta’s Instagram and Threads. Artifact’s Robby Stein says the feature will be available in the latest versions of the iOS and Android apps.

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